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Which Nutrient Not Only Burns Calories but Has You Looking Sexy in Your Little Mini Skirt

If you could eat one nutrient that is superior to other nutrients when it comes to fat burning and getting you into that mini skirt would you be interested in what it was? This one nutrient not only burns more calories than other nutrients, but it also causes you to eat less overall calories. Which nutrient is so powerful that it can burn calories and have you eating less calories all while getting you closer to looking sexy in your little mini skirt? The nutrient that can do all of this is protein. Protein requires a lot of energy (calories) so that it can be digested and utilized. This means your metabolism has to increase even more to sustain the energy demands. The result is more calories burned and more fat lost.

What you may not know is that every time you eat your body requires calories to be used so that it can carry out the process of digesting your food. It also speeds up your metabolism when it is doing this because it is working harder than it was before. To take advantage of this you need to incorporate some lean protein into 4-6 small, nutritious meals per day. The importance of adding protein is twofold.

First, protein is a great nutrient that helps provide fullness and satiety. When you eat protein your body feels fuller longer, which means you won't be hungry again in 30 minutes and looking for more food. Unlike carbohydrates which digest very fast and cause quick spikes and drops in your blood sugar, which then triggers that hunger again. Lean protein will help with minimizing those frequent cravings and fluctuations in your blood sugars, which will definitely sabotage your mini skirt goals. You will no longer have that hunger urge you get between meals or risk splurging or overeating.

Second, protein has what is called a high thermic effect of food. This means that your body requires more calories to digest protein than it does for carbohydrates or fat. Protein requires almost 4 times the amount of calories for digestion as does carbohydrates or fat. This means that if you eat 100 calories worth of protein it will cost your body almost 27 calories to digest and utilize for a net calorie consumption of roughly 75 calories. Carbohydrates and fat only require 4-7 calories to digest 100 calories of carbs or fat. This is another way to speed up your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day.

When you add up the number of times you eat lean protein throughout the day and the quantity you will be fueling that mini skirt metabolism. So if you want to look sexy in your mini skirt or just simply fit into your mini skirt incorporating more lean protein into each meal will have you reaching your mini skirt goals in no time.

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