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Hygienic Habits for the Natural Cures Acne

Hygienic habits for the Natural Cures Acne
To avoid manipulation of the skin to try to extract the barilla.
Any pressure you around them causes breakage of the sebaceous follicle, which is full of microorganisms, and the infection spreads through the area. And this infection causes pustules that usually leave permanent scars.
Clean twice daily skin of the face and back or the affected area helps acne healing.
What is most suitable water and soap (preferably syndet or dermatologic antiseboreic bread) and dried thoroughly after having cleared the area.

Reduce intake of certain foods, especially those that tend to cause skin reactions in young people.
Among these foods are strawberries and chocolate, but there is no evidence that eating habits are directly responsible for acne-like lesions.

Reducing the use of Cosmetics

To do without systematically cosmetic products that have not been formulated with the specific indication indicated for acne-like skin or seborheic. And it is that certain components acids are able to promote the emergence of pimples.

Cleanse skin periodically

Please perform facial cleansing regularly with an expert, who in addition to maintaining clean your skin, muscle tone will return, freshness and youth.

Heres what we say in the process of cleansing facial with an expert:

Step 1: Clean
First is disinfected perfectly your face with a milk cleaning allowing withdraw traces of makeup, impurities and dead cells.

The 2nd Step: The cleaved exfoliation helps fight acne, regenerate your skin and remove acne scars, chicken pox or measles.
It consists of applying a substance that opens your pores and descaling impurities deep that failed to remove milk cleaning.

The exfoliating product is removed with wet sponges and upward movements that activate the movement of your skin.

Step 3: Removing.
The purpose of extraction is remove impurities as healing treatment.

This makes a small incision in each outbreak and to extract or squeeze the infection.
In this way, will gradually improve the appearance of your skin.

Step 4: High Frequency
The high frequency is used to cauterize, closing pores, and oxygenate the skin.
It consists of applying, with a special device high frequency, soft touches on his face, without causing any irritation or burn.
This device is used on a special mesh that covers the face and neck.

Step 5: Mask then applies a mask to dry and eliminate outbreaks.

Allow to stand for 20 minutes and rinse.

Step 6: Screen Protector Finally, with a lotion to prevent acne, is sealed so that the skin is protected all day against bacteria of the environment and sunlight.
This should continue to apply lotion every day at home.

Each facial cleansing takes about an hour, and the number of meetings so that the skin is flawless depends on how serious your problem is acne.
Put yourself in the hands of an expert before cleaning facial make an examination of your skin, and then you indicate to continue treatment at home.

Tips for fighting acne.

Keep in mind that is so important to avoid the accumulation of fat that can cause acne, wash your face at least twice a day with soap and warm water.

Do not rub hard with the towel after washing your face because in this way could worsen the acne irritating skin and pores.

Try to be as sensitive as possible to limpiarte face every time you do that.

If you use makeup or sun screen, make sure the label says they contain no oil or non-comedogenic or does not produce acne. This means that those products are made precisely to allow your skin to breathe so as not to clog pores and therefore produce acne. And when you wash your face, be sure to devote enough time to quitarte entire makeup.

If you use spray or gel in their hair, that seeks to apply them do not come into contact with the face, since they can also clog the pores.

If you have long hair and you touch your face, make sure you wash your hair frequently to prevent your skin comes into contact with the hair oil.

And if after classes have a job in which you are in contact with oils, for example, a fast food restaurant or a gas station, always wash your face when you arrive at your home.

Also wash your face after doing physical exercises, as the perspiration on his face is a major cause of the outbreak of acne.

There are many lotions and creams nonprescription containing salicylic acid or benzol peroxide, which help prevent acne and are also relieved.

You might try these products to see what works best. Be sure to follow the directions exactly and do not use more of the amount specified in each application (your skin might dry out too much and could look or feel worse) and before applying follow signs corresponding to see if you are allergic.


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