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Subconscious Mind and Weight Loss

First of all, I want gives the impression that what you desire is always in the future. In order to re-program your self talk, you need to trick your mind into believing that you have already achieved success. This is how your subconscious mind functions.

Your subconscious mind has no capacity for understanding the concept of time. Everything is in the moment, here and now. When you tell your subconscious mind you want that is exactly what you will get want. You will get want, without ever achieving fulfillment.

Unless you change your mental tape recorder, you will achieve exactly what you are telling your subconscious, that you want to lose 25 pounds. You will want to lose 25 pounds for the rest of your days unless you change your self talk.

If your weight is 150 pounds and you desire is to weight 125 pounds, then you need to 125 pounds from the moment you make the decision to change your self talk.

What if you write your affirmation to read something like this: I am healthy and fit, weighing 125 pounds.

What are you telling your subconscious now? Its extremely important that you phrase your affirmation as if you have already accomplished what you desire. Work on writing it out until you have it precisely as you wish to become.

It is particularly important that your affirmation is crystal clear because what you affirm is exactly what your subconscious mind will bring you.

You need not limit yourself to one affirmation either. Write another one that reflects your new exercise program. I enjoy my healthy new exercise program,or, I love the healthy foods I eat. Write and rewrite until you are absolutely certain that you have written your goals in the here and now AND to represent precisely what you desire. Then, and only then, begin to speak it aloud and do so several times a day.

Remember to use the present tense.

I acknowledge achievement in all my weight loss goals.I have the skill and talent to exercise every day.I am a winner.I am grateful for all of my accomplishments no matter how small.

At first you will feel awkward and uncomfortable and you may not feel or believe what you are saying. You may feel silly saying them out loud.

It does not matter. Continue to speak the affirmations aloud with as much conviction as you can muster. Try using driving time in your car for firm, strong voiced self talk. It is taken a long time to train your subconscious to use negative self talk. If you will persevere with speaking your affirmations aloud, firmly and confidently, you will be amazed at how quickly you can turn your thoughts around.

You did not hop on a bicycle the first time and just take off down the street. It took practice to train your body to balance on those two wheels. This will take some practice as well. Continue to repeat your affirmations aloud, several times a day for the next 30 days and you will be amazed at how much you change your thinking and attitude.

Lets investigate how words affect you in your everyday life. Take a trip down memory lane and recall some real life experiences that made you happy, proud, and successful or any combination of the three.


About the Author (text)Dr. Billie is an expert on bio health and has been in the medical profession for over 18 years. Find out more about the Master Cleanse at http://www.mastercleanse-review.com/

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