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Sick, dying and raped in America's nursing homes

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 08:03:57 GMT

'Crucial step forward' in the search to cure the common cold

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 13:26:06 GMT

Scientists say they are one step closer to cracking the genetic "enigma" code behind the common cold.

Tearful reunion for burned Yazidi toddler and family

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 09:30:26 GMT

After almost four months apart, 2-year-old Dilbireen was reunited with his parents and met his newborn baby brother for the first time.

Why NASA sent a superbug to the space station

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 18:28:32 GMT

An antibiotic-resistant superbug launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket Sunday from the same Kennedy Space Center launch complex where the first manned mission to the moon lifted off and the bug will be studied by astronauts on the International Space Station.

Psychiatrists fight over the ethics of diagnosing Trump

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 16:39:46 GMT

You'd expect partisan questions about a politician's sanity, but now there's an unusual debate growing among licensed mental health professionals about President Donald Trump.

Flu virus shifting east, hitting older adults hardest

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 18:05:03 GMT

Flu activity decreased slightly but remained at high levels across the United States during the week ending February 18, according to a report based on preliminary data issued Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Top students more likely to drink, smoke pot, study says

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 10:20:57 GMT

British teens with the highest test scores are less likely to smoke cigarettes yet more likely to drink alcohol and smoke pot compared with teens with lower scores, according to a study published Wednesday in the British Medical Journal Open.

Contestant in a wheelchair is a first for Miss Australia pageant

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 17:28:29 GMT

Pageants are known for wanting complete perfection from their contestants. This year, the Miss Australia pageant has a contestant in a wheelchair, showing just how perfect women of all kinds can be.

Are recreational marijuana and opioid addiction linked?

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 19:06:57 GMT

As White House press secretary Sean Spicer spoke Thursday about "greater enforcement" of federal marijuana laws, he seemed to link recreational pot use to a different type of drug: opioids.

20 years after Dolly, potential of cloning remains unclear

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 15:26:30 GMT

On February 22, 1997, the world learned about a secret project that scientists at the Roslin Institute in Scotland had been working on.

Couple with Asperger's: 'More extraordinary together'

Sat, 25 Feb 2017 02:03:11 GMT

Like many couples, Nico Morales and Latoya Jolly met online. Nico sent the first message while on vacation in Guatemala with his family in December 2015. Latoya's handle was pokejolly1993, a throwback to Pokemon and her birth year. Nico liked that they were both "children at heart." Soon after, the couple went on their first date.

5 things you need to know about antimicrobial resistance

Thu, 22 Sep 2016 01:16:12 GMT

Global leaders met at the United Nationals General Assembly in New York Wednesday to address what experts are calling one of the biggest threats to global health: antimicrobial resistance.

Preparing refugee children -- and their moms -- for life in US

Mon, 27 Feb 2017 17:01:59 GMT

Of the thousands of refugees who come to the United States annually, some end up in Clarkston, Georgia, a diverse Atlanta suburb with a history of accepting immigrants.

Pediatricians warn about dangers of kids using marijuana

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 22:15:44 GMT

My kids are in elementary school, a little young for the "weed talk," but I wonder whether the fact that recreational pot use is now legal in a number of states will complicate things once we start having those conversations.

After a night at the library, stuffed animals help kids read

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 09:08:58 GMT

A baby seal, a giraffe and a teddy bear walk into a library ...

Army veteran starts 'fight club' to help others with PTSD

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 10:59:44 GMT

Todd Vance was serving in the US Army when the September 11 attacks occurred.

Mom carrying baby without brain to term - to donate the organs

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 18:49:22 GMT

When Keri Young found out that her unborn child didn't have a brain, she made an unthinkably selfless decision.

Crocheted octopi comfort preemies in hospital

Mon, 27 Feb 2017 09:05:05 GMT

Inside NICU incubators at one United Kingdom hospital, premature babies have an unlikely companion -- colorful, crocheted octopi.

Born in the '90s? Your risk for colon cancer is up

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 16:16:33 GMT

Colon and rectal cancer rates are rising sharply for Americans under 55, despite progress made for older adults.

Is yogurt healthy?

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 17:40:09 GMT

Yes, go ahead and add yogurt to your healthy foods list if you haven't already. Whether you choose plain, Greek, flavored or low-fat, yogurt is a nutrient-packed snack that nourishes you with a generous amount of calcium and protein, along with B vitamins and minerals, including potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Transgender rights: The countries way ahead of the US

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 13:46:38 GMT

As transgender people fight for their basic civil liberties globally, courts in 20 countries have ruled on legislation recognizing their rights,

First barred by travel ban, Iranian baby now recovering after surgery in US

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 00:59:08 GMT

The uncle of an Iranian baby ensnared in President Trump's travel ban settled on one word Monday to express gratitude to everyone who helped his niece get to the United States for a life-saving heart medical procedure.

The tech solutions to end global hunger

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 03:05:03 GMT

What do you do when you see or hear something strange and want to learn more? Perhaps no one around you knows, so you go online or turn to social media.

Drug-resistant superbug may be more widespread than thought

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 14:15:55 GMT

One family of superbugs, known as carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae or CRE, may be spreading more widely than previously thought, according to a study published Monday (PDF) in the journal?Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Eat more fruit and veg for a longer life, researchers say

Wed, 22 Feb 2017 23:30:32 GMT

Eating 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day could significantly reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and early death, according to new research.

Bad heart? Time to hit the gym

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 15:37:18 GMT

The benefits of exercise are clear for those with a bad heart, but people often want to know how best to exercise, how much and how hard.

Long-term stress might make you fat, study says

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 17:28:25 GMT

Could constant stress be making you fat?

WHO: These 12 bacteria pose greatest risk to human health

Mon, 27 Feb 2017 16:50:48 GMT

Twelve types of bacteria were deemed "priorities" in urgent need of new antibiotics, according to a list released by the World Health Organization on Monday.

Bob Harper 'feeling better' after heart attack

Mon, 27 Feb 2017 22:45:09 GMT

Bob Harper, personal trainer and host of the NBC show "The Biggest Loser," shared on Instagram that he had a heart attack two weeks ago.

25% of all overdoses are from heroin

America's opioid epidemic continues: The latest numbers from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, released Friday, show that one in four drug overdoses in 2015 was related to heroin. In 1999, just 6% of all overdoses were related to the drug.