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Symptoms of Anxiety Panic Disorders

Panic, as well as anxiety, are present in over 2 million American people. Panic is felt as an overwhelming distress without any kind relief. Anxiety shows in a physical way in terms of stomach discomfort, heart palpitations, nausea, headaches, shortness or breath, and/or chest discomfort. There are some interesting facts, that help people to understand how they are classified and how they are diagnosed.

Women are more prone than men to have anxiety and depression. Although men are affected by these disorders there are twice as many women diagnosed and treated. Some physicians think that the numbers may be closer but that men are more reluctant to express their feelings to their physicians.

There are sign of anxiety panic disorders related to the neurotransmitter serotonin and play an role in the expression of the signs of anxiety, depression and panic disorders. A higher number of serotonin receptors are found by women, which may account for the higher percentage of women who are affected by anxiety. Incorrect amount of neurotransmitters, or too much, a woman's brain will be greatly affected, because of the higher number of receptors. Women and men react different to anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication on the market and is related to the numbers of receptors.

The signs of an anxiety panic disorder will be intens within one or two minutes and can fade away after just 20 minutes. Most panic attacks are finished within 30 -45 minutes. Anxiety attacks are more slowly and can last for several hours. The initial diagnosis of a panic or anxiety disorder is most often in a person's 20's and 30's.

It is uncommon for the first attack to happen in the teens or after 40. Even people who are thought to be emotionally well-adjusted are as prone to anxiety or panic attacks which increases the evidence that there is a biochemical reaction responsible for the disorder and that it isn't purely psychological. Symptoms of an anxiety disorder include, hot flashes, chest pain, chills, tingling in the hands or feet, overwhelming sense of fear or anxiousness, feels like there is something in your throat, shaking and nausea.

Bianca actually knows what she is talking about. You can find more about anxiety panic attacks and panic attacks here.

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