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Prostate Cancer Treatment What You Need To Find Out

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer is a big shock for anyone however you should not immediately write your life off as there are a number of very successful prostate cancer treatments now available. You will need to meet with your oncologist to fully discuss your options and to decide which type of treatment is best for you. This will depend to some extent on the progression of your cancer as some types of prostate cancer treatments are not suitable for late stage and terminal cases. Your decision will also need to take into account which side effects you can cope with as some men find that impotence and urinary incontinence cause more distress than the actual cancer.

Your individual circumstances will also have an effect on the treatment you receive. Age, overall health, other medical problems and the amount of emotional support you have at home and at work all need to be taken in to consideration. Your oncologist will be able to weigh up the details and decide on the best course of treatment; however, if you find yourself disagreeing with anything they suggest you must say so as only you know how you feel and how you will cope with the recommended prostate cancer treatment.

One of the biggest things to consider when choosing a form of prostate cancer treatment is what you want to achieve. Many men simply want to be rid of the disease and do not have a problem with the possibility of long-lasting side effects such as incontinence however younger individuals often decide that they would rather choose an alternative option with a lower success rate but less severe side effects. This decision is ultimately down to you and your preferences for the future should also be discussed with your oncologist before making any decisions. Your age will also play a large part in which prostate cancer treatment you choose.

Elderly men i.e. 70+ often decide to do nothing with regards to treatment as prostate cancer is in many cases a very slow growing disease and so the symptoms may not be felt during a lifetime.

Alternatively you may wish to look into the possibility of hormone therapy which slows down the diseases progression but does not actually do anything to treat it, and there are no embarrassing side effects attached. If you have not yet reached your 70th birthday or you have and are still young at heart then other prostate cancer treatments need to be considered. Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the commonly used treatments and any combination of the three can be incorporated into a regime to suit you. Ultimately however the decision is down to you. Talk to your family and your oncologist and consider your options carefully.

Every case is different and needs to be treated on an individual basis so decide what it is you want to achieve and go from there.

There are several factors to deciding on your prostate cancer treatment . Please visit http://www.prostate-cancer-treatment-hub.com for more information and resources.

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