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Permanent Transplant Wigs and Other Solutions to Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of Ol' Vanity's direst banes, and it may be because it is the centerpiece of man's vanity. Gone are the days when hair loss was regarded as a medical symptom of something wrong in one's system - a mere medical concern. Nowadays, it's also the concern of dermatologists and hair specialists - the proponents of public appearances.

There is a proliferation of endorsements regarding permanent transplant, wigs and other alternative solutions to hair loss these days, and the contest is always on for which one will be the most popular than the others. Whatever may be the reason for the hair loss, when strands of hair start to fall off and panic sets in, going totally bald is preferred over having sparsely and unevenly distributed hair. Some people are comfortable with baldness, and it is, in fact, becoming a trend not only among the men but even among the women.

These people say it is even more trendy to be unconventional. History has it, though, that pretty soon, what is unconventional will eventually become more popular. On the other hand, there are people who dread losing their hair and going bald.

These people would frantically look for a fitting solution to their particular hair loss problem. These people resort to permanent transplant, wigs, topical or oral medications to alleviate their hair problem. Permanent hair transplant is still a scary thought to some conservative folks. The idea of grafting the skin to transfer the healthy hair follicles to the diseased portion of the head requires needles -- and not too many people feel comfortable with needles.

Topical applications or oral medications are not suitable to some people because these may cause one or more particular allergic reactions. Instead of medications or permanent transplant, wigs could be the most attractive option mainly because one can avail of the variety of personalities that could result from a variety of hairstyles and hair dyes on the wigs. Toupees for men, and wigs for women, are more popularly accepted especially for people who are public figures, like the politicians and people in the entertainment world. Keeping the hairpiece on and right side up is challenging, too; but if worn correctly, the hairpiece is hardly detectable as artificial.

For it to fit snugly, wigs should be custom-made instead of bought off the shelf. Inability to keep the wig in place could turn out to be an icebreaker anywhere.

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