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Ideas for the perfect elliptical workout

Your new elliptical training machine is waiting for you in your exercise room, and you're ready to begin. Your workout should be a fun and relaxing part of your day: beneficial for your body and your mind. But, if you find working out to be uncomfortable or bothersome, you're less likely to continue it regularly.

If you want to make your workout most effective and enjoyable, it's best to be ready. So, try preparing these seven items before you begin. Comfortable Clothing - Wear something loose and comfortable, preferably in cotton, so that it will wick the sweat away from your body. Make sure that it's not too loose, though. It's important to ensure that your clothing can't get caught in any moving parts on your elliptical machine. Appropriate Shoes - Even though an elliptical trainer workout provides a very low impact workout, it's important to wear good shoes.

Be certain they have a proper fit, and are designed for exercise. Running shoes or cross trainers are probably your best bet. Water - Keep a bottle of water handy. Drinking plenty of water is critical during your workout. As your body temperature rises during exercise, you sweat to keep your body cool.

Sweating dehydrates your body, so you must replenish these fluids by drinking water. Experts recommend one glass of water every fifteen minutes. Many elliptical trainers have a built in spot for your water bottle.

A Towel - All that sweating will get pretty annoying if you don't have a towel handy. A small hand towel is just the right size to wipe your brow without getting in the way. Upbeat Music - Music can be a great enhancement to your workout.

Your elliptical machine is likely equipped with many gadgets to keep up with your pace, but fast-paced music can ensure that you keep moving at the right pace, too. Rather than having to monitor your pace, just keep to the beat! Then, when it's time to cool down, put on something slower and your body will slow down naturally. A Comfortable Room Temperature - Make sure the room you're exercising in is comfortable. Too hot and you'll sweat more than necessary, and too cold and you'll feel chilled when you start to sweat.

Around 74F is comfortable for most people. A Clear Mind - Relax and enjoy your workout. Use this time on your elliptical trainer to de-stress mentally, rather than dwelling on bothersome issues.

A few minutes out of your day to work your body and clear your mind can work wonders. When you're finished, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on all your challenges, both mental and physical. Your new elliptical trainer is a great investment in your fit and healthy future. Assembling everything you need to have a great workout in advance will keep you ready to go whenever your workout time comes.

Being prepared will make you less likely to skip your workout, and make it more fun. .

Mike Singh is a fitness instructor and writer, who
provides unbiased reviews of health/fitness products
for consumers looking for quality information.
Checkout the largest collection of
elliptical trainer reviews online.

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