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Heres Help If You Suffer from Embarrassing Acne

Have pimples made a permanent home on your face? Want to give them the old heave-ho? Well, they don't have to make their residence on your face very much longer because help is available -- if you are persistent. You are looking for acne solution that effectively works and that's true whether you are a teenager or an adult. That's because it's probably no surprise to you that adults have embarrassing pimples too.

The advances of medicine keep marching on and it hasn't left out acne treatments in its research. So you will be glad to know there is help for you. Two main sources of help are available -- your dermatologist or natural home remedies.

Besides these there are over-the-counter medicines that you can choose as well. A dermatologist has the necessary knowledge to help you find the acne treatment that will work for you. You may have to try several brands before you find the right medicine and you'll need to give each brand a serious test before you abandon it for another brand. But the search will be worth it when you wind up with skin that's acne free.

There are so many treatment options available for you that it will be hard to choose from among them. But keep in mind that the various remedies have different chemical compositions which do different things. For example, benzyl peroxide will help to remove dead skin which can plug up your pores. It isn't without its drawbacks though, because you may find when you are using it your skin may become irritated and it may even itch. But a lot of people find it helpful. Your dermatologist may suggest that you use antibiotics to help fight your pimples.

They may work very well, but you could have side effects from it -- such as stomach problems. Retinoids may be suggested by your doctor since to help remove dead skin, but it may or may not work for you. Your dermatologist may want you to try isotretinoin. This is a very strong treatment and can effectively unplug your skin's pores as well as dry up excess oil. Pregnant women should never use isotretinoin since it can harm their unborn babies.

One thing that you can do for yourself right in the privacy of your own home is to keep your face scrupulously clean. Choose a gentle germ-killing cleanser and wash your face at least two times a day -- preferably three. Be sure to avoid a cleanser that is oily. Here's a treatment that only you can do for yourself.

Keep your fingers away from your pimples. It's tempting to finger them, but do you really want to wind up with permanent disfiguring scars that could be avoided if you would just keep your hands off your face? When you get the strong urge to pick and squeeze your pimples, just remember how you'll feel 20 years from now with pits and dents as a permanent reminder of your pimple-squeezing days. So as you can see, there are a number of treatment options available if you suffer from embarrassing pimples.

But you will have to be disciplined in trying out various products until you find the one that works for you. But keep trying to find a cure for those unwanted pimples. Just imagine how wonderful it will feel and look to have clear skin again!.

Win your war with acne with acne product tips. Author Patricia Wagner writes about a variety of health and wellness issues to help you be healthier.

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