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Got Acne Take Vitamins

Acne is a common problem with teenagers. This is rooted in an imbalance in hormone secretion in the body system and is caused by the effect of the sebaceous glands present in the skin. In an effort to restore the internal health balance and increase the body's resistance to bacterial attacks which causes acne nutrients like Vitamins and minerals prove to be immensely useful.

The real cause of acne has been found to be hormonal imbalance caused by blocks in the pathways of hormones alongside congesting blood and lymph toxins. Attending to these causes will mean following the right treatment course for acne. It is agreed that no particular Vitamin can act effectively as a curative for acne.

However, certain Vitamins playing a crucial role in hormonal balance can act as important balance restorers helping towards acne treatment. The Vitamins act importantly in maintaining a healthy skin while making it acne free. Among the multiple useful Vitamins, however, it is the role played by Vitamin A or axerophthol (with carotenoids) and Vitamin B-complex which is most significant in skin care and acne treatment.

Vitamin A is known to strengthen the protective tissues of skin. It works towards preventing acne formation by bringing about a reduction in sebum production. This Vitamin also functions importantly in skin tissue maintenance and repair. Besides, it rids the body of various toxins by being an antioxidant. In fact Accutane (or Isotretinoin)- the recommended effective acne medication is also a derivative of Vitamin A.

However, administration of this Vitamin in large doses can cause harm to the skin. The topical creams etc. containing skin drying substances like benzoyl peroxide should not be used alongside Vitamin A based treatments. Also in case of pregnant women this Vitamin is to be avoided. All the individual Vitamins of the B-Complex group have their own specific roles in ensuring skin health.

These Vitamins also effectively bring down stress levels (especially Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid) and thus indirectly aid in the prevention and control of acne (since researches indicate stress to be a causative of acne too). Vitamin B5 counteracts hormonal imbalance which is the root of acne formation for most people. This Vitamin also plays an important role in producing coenzyme A necessary for skin oil metabolism. It can be noted here that excess skin oil secretion aggravates acne.

Vitamin B5 also enhances circulation of cells and thereby promotes wound healing. Thus, it can facilitate healing of acne too. These Vitamins can be consumed in their natural form or perhaps as a multiVitamin capsule. Since sufficient dosage of Vitamin B5 might be lacking in multiVitamin pills an additional supplement of Vitamin B5 should be taken in.

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