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Today's Native American is no longer always the one seen on the streets pan handling, sleeping in doorways or being a general public nuisance. There are Native Americans that are NOT seen, that have degree's in business management, economic development, IT management, carpentry, nursing, social workers and the list goes on.

The newer generation of Native Americans have gone to school or can be found in schools and higher education institutions. They are the upcoming future of the reserves across Canada and the United States. They are also the one's we hear in the news about protests or leaders going to jail.

The rising educational standards has opened the floodgates of knowledge about the various government Acts and Regulations that are infringed upon by the Government therefore we see protests, roadblocks and anger.

As long as Rights are infringed upon then Native Americans will continue to stand and oppose this outrage. Censorship of information fed to the general public will be skewed and the Native Americans made to look the fools or they are killed.

Native American youths hear about deaths of their friends (remember, they are youths) by the police and lately, the long list of unsolved crimes. This is another generation with fuel to continue the fight against injustice practiced upon them.

A few friends of my own children, speak of a death of one of their own friends, shot by the police in Toronto. They (the police) said he had something in his hands. This something was a couple of lemons. To this day, NA youths in Toronto will send pictures around of lemons or leave lemons at the very police station where the shooting officer is employed.

It is these types of senseless acts or inaction of crimes against the NA peoples that causes anger, suspicion and mistrust with the government and general population. For the most part, NA peoples are striving to heal psychologically from the abuses they had experienced through the boarding schools and Children Aid Societies. That is a subject in itself, the abuse and effects.

First Nation communities and the Canadian government are working to help the NA peoples learn and recover from dysfunctional behaviors taught by their abusers. We also know that it was not just the NA peoples that suffered abuse with the Boarding schools therefore we are not alone.

The modern NA person you see today, may not necessarily LOOK like a person of qualifications and full of knowledge but you might find out they just may be working at that large corporate office.

NA leaders are working towards healing rifts and bridging gaps. They are laying a foundation for the upcoming generation. Healing must begin at home and for some, there is success because their youths are in college, university or apprenticing in a skill.

The injury we commit against one today will have consequences for the future. As a NA parent of youths readying to leave home, I have strived to teach tolerance and forgiveness and least make a effort to keep Peace through negotiation. I too wish, for a world of Peace and Harmony. Please feel free to leave any comments or request for further development on this topic. :)

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